25mm ACW pony wars - graveyard - scenics (25094)
25mm roman era roman - archers 17 figures - inf (26974)
  • Land + Ocean Data Set

    25mm medieval burgundian - archers & crossbowmen plastic glued 16 - (35184)

    Berkeley Earth is pleased to announce that we’ve merged an oceans temperature analysis to our existing land data, and have a new global data set: Land + Ocean

  • Berkeley Earth An independent non-profit
    15mm medieval generic - Longbow Medium Foot 32 Infantry - inf (A1150)

    Berkeley Earth An independent non-profit

    Berkeley Earth was created to address potential biases in the land surface temperature record. We are now expanding scientific investigations, educating and communicating about climate change, and evaluating mitigation efforts in developing and developed economies.

  • Air Pollution

    Air Pollution

    In April 2014, Berkeley Earth began a major new effort to collect and analyze the world’s air pollution data. In August 2015 our first scientific paper on air pollution in China, was accepted for publication by PLOS ONE.

  • Results By Location

    Results By Location

    Berkeley Earth provides a clickable map so you can find temperature data for your hometown, state, or country. Check it out!

10mm 7YW austrian - regiment 30 figures - inf (35711)


Berkeley Earth is independently operated, funded primarily by unrestricted educational grants. We pursue objectivity without concern for policies of government, industry or philanthropic ventures.



We continue to lower the barriers to entry into climate science by posting all our raw data and our analysis code online to provide an open platform for further analysis. We also post all our Berkeley Earth papers, 25mm napoleonic french - line 10 figures - inf (33749), graphics and analysis code.

Warhammer Age of Sigmar Beastmen Beasts of Chaos Ungor Herd 29

Goodbye to Classical Liberalism… Letter from the Editor: Editor in Chief P.J. O’Rourke People are always saying this… especially people my age. Marcus 15mm classical macedonian - 2 light & escort - elephants (35305)Tullius Cicero, born in 106 B.C. and therefore even older than I am, is famous for his...


Traveller Core Rulebook Science-Fiction RPG book25mm medieval indian - archers 24 figures - inf (29633)Citadel DS9 Dwarf Slayer with Dragon Head Limited Edition Warhammer Dwarves GW

Berkeley Earth took a data-driven approach to temperature analysis (using five times more data than other groups), and we are now taking a data-driven approach to other areas of energy and climate science..25mm marlburian french - artillery 2 guns & crew metal painted - art (4428)

Why Elon Musk’s Car Company Is Headed for Disaster By Whitney Tilson It was the worst short of my nearly two-decade career running hedge funds… I shorted Tesla around $35 a share in early 2013 and didn’t throw in the towel until after it...

It’s Positively Confusing By P.J. O’Rourke There’s a reason why so much political thinking starts out in the neighborhood of Idealism, crossesWarhammer Army Fantasy Age Of Sigmar Khorne Blood Warriors x5 Painted25mm classical greek - hoplites 32 figures - inf (27544)Groblog Goblin King Of The Deeps Unpainted Finecast LOTR model Naive Street, and winds up in Stupidville. The reason is confusion between negative rights and positive...

25mm roman era gallic - 3 light - chariot (23161)

A Troubling Scenario That Will Infect the Markets This Year By Bryan Beach The initial public offering (“IPO”) of Lyft shares in March is only the beginning… Games Workshop Warhammer Nighthaunt Guardian of Souls Pro Painted GW Undead MintThe financial press drowned the public in the news. I’m sure you saw at least one...

Fed up with the Supreme Court, 15mm scifi human - marines 20 figures - inf (23811)25mm napoleonic french - infantry 36 figs - inf (16927)OPENQUEST Core Rulebook v 5.1 - D100 gaming made easy Newt Newport - D101 GamesDemocrats propose “reforms” By Ilya Shapiro No matter how much we might rage against the political calendar (the bastards are encouraged even if we don’t vote), the 2020 presidential race is upon us. Having finally...

25mm ECW english - civil war infantry - inf (21318)

28mm Ruined NORMAN CHURCH kit

A Two-Part Discussion By Bill Bonner Our generation is, of course, the most fabulous group of people who ever walked on two legs… with a more keenly honed sense 15mm biblical egyptian - archers 28 figures - inf (25795)Conflix MONEY LENDERS HOUSE 28mm Scenery & Terrain CX6811of right and wrong than any other, before or after. We not only care about our...

The “Powell Doctrine” Gives Us a Clue By P.J. O’Rourke As someone who subscribes to the principles of libertarianism, I have a problem with foreign policy. Libertarian philosophy is based on individual freedom and responsibility. Yet...

By Bjørn Lomborg Decades of climate-change exaggeration in the West have produced frightened children, febrile headlines, and unrealistic political promises.Warhammer Fantasy Plastic SLAVES TO DARKNESS CHAOS MARAUDERS REGIMENT BOX The world needs a cooler approach that addresses climate change smartly without scaring us...

Will your portfolioDrastik Plastik Psychostyrene Orcs Sealed Blister Citadel Miniatures Warhammer15mm 7YW austrian - 2 regts. 24 figures - inf (26641)Warhammer Age of Sigmar Fantasy Quest Citadel DS7 Young Fire Dragon 89025mm ACW union - american civil war infantry - inf (18871) weather the coming storm? By Dan Ferris Since the birth of today’s bull market in 2009, investors have been pouring money into the market…25mm amazon infantry 16 figures (14256)Kharadron Overlords Arkanaut Frigate Warhammer Age of Sigmar 20% off UK rrp And yet, most folks don’t seem to care at all about the inevitable storm on the...

25mm dark ages norman - skirmishers 12 figures - inf (29565)

By Josh Friedman On a trip to Ethiopia in the 1990s, I met with Prime Minister Meles Zenawi to try to persuade him to stop jailing journalists. Since Meles’ guerillas had ousted a repressive Soviet-backed dictatorship a few years before, there had...

In my opinion: By Dr. Ron Paul Last month’s arrest of Wikileaks publisher Julian Assange by the British government on a U.S. extradition order is an attack on 25mm ECW english - civil war infantry 24 figures - inf (18916)25mm classical persian - ancient cavalry 8 cavalry - cav (18177)all of us. It is an attack on the U.S. Constitution. It is an attack on the free press. It...


Nighthaunt Lady Olynder Warhammer NEW & SEALED BNIB

The markets keep bouncing back… unemployment is at record lows… but are things really as rosy as they seem? Fresh out of last month’s politics issue, we’re looking at what comes next for the economy, the presidency, personal...

Dear reader, As we’ve said many times in these pages, there is something wrong in America… It’s been a decade since the global financial crisis. 15mm napoleonic french - infantry 36 figs - inf (15576)Japan Wako Pirate Ship SAMURAI JAPANESE 28mm Laser cut MDF scale Building B027And yet 40% of Americans –G.I BLOOD'N GUTS - VOLUME VI - WAR GAMES RULES - NEW25mm napoleonic french - 2 guns & crews - art (29485)Advanced Dungeons & Dragons Adventure Dungeons Of Despair TSR 11444 Module including middle-class families – still struggle to afford...

Warmaster Ancient Armies Army Lists for Warmaster Historical Rules OOP RARE

Dear reader, For a decade now, Americans have enjoyed a Storm Giant Very Well PaintedTALES FROM THE 13TH PRECINCT - NEW WORLD OF DARKNESS WHITE WOLF RPG ROLEPLAYINGWarhammer Age of Sigmar Lizardmen Seraphon Skinks 495stock-market rally. Some $17 trillion in new wealth has been created. The economy has boomed. Unemployment is at all-time lows. And yet, almost none of this prosperity is real. This...


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Horrific Air Pollution in Europe Reaches 7 cigarettes per day equivalent, a pack a day in India and China

15mm napoleonic austrian - infantry 36 figs - inf (20441)

Talisman Dungeon Expansion Game Boxed Set Games Workshop 1987 Complete RARE

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