MORIA Goblin SHAMAN - Well Painted Lord of the Rings


Expect starkly different summer weather across Canada

25mm classical greek - peltasts 15 figures - inf (31205)

Raptors fans react to Game 6 after 100-94 win in Eastern Conference Final

Make your vehicle shine with Canadian Tire car-cleaning tools!
6mm 19th century german - irregular miniatures un inf - inf (22534)
25mm classical macedonian - heavy 6 figures - cav (26738)

Warhammer Age of Sigmar Skaven Plague Furnace 59
25mm napoleonic british - highlanders 26 figures - inf (35051)

Games Workshop Lord Of The Rings Rohan Outriders Foot and Mounted Metal LoTR New
28mm Empress miniatures, modern British Soldiers, desert uniform,3 figures set 2

25mm ACW confederate - regt. 20 figures - inf (32237)
NEW 28mm Gettysburg 'The Carrie Shead House' prepainted kit.

Bruins rout Blues 7-2 in Game 3 of Stanley Cup Final

Boston takes 2-1 series lead over St. Louis

  • 25mm ancient skirmishers 26 figures (15620)
25mm napoleonic british - rifles 20 figures - inf (23541)

15mm medieval english - archers 24 figures - inf (35148)
15mm napoleonic russian - dragoons 16 cavalry - cav (15705)
15mm medieval english - men at arms 18 figures - cav (29648)
25mm napoleonic french - 24 infantry - inf (10145)
15mm medieval mongol - horse archers 12 figures - cav (28651)
25mm napoleonic french - artillery 2 guns crews - art (12067)

25mm roman era roman - late auxiliaries 12 figs infantry - inf (22066)
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25mm dark ages hun - cavalry 12 cavalry - cav (10867)

The Point Ellice Bridge, commonly called the Bay Street bridge will be closed to eastbound vehicle traffic until October.

Commuters faced massive congestion following the closure May 21 to accommodate infrastructural updates. By the end of the week, however, congestion was slightly lifted.

Has the work underway on the Bay Street bridge affected you?

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Games Workshop Lord Of The Rings Gandalf The White Foot and Mounted Metal New
Games Workshop GW Citadel ME-21 Bgoldmir of Gondor Mounted LoTR Lord of the Rings
Indian Mutiny - Bengal Light Cavalry Unit x 12

Realtor Jane Hoffman known for her luxurious lakeside listings

Sixteen hours days are still the norm even after 35 years in the real estate business